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How do I buy tickets online?

  • Use the button below
  • Click on the type of ticket you wish to purchase
  • Select your price category and quantity and click “add to cart”
  • Select your delivery method (delayed print at home), review your order and click “checkout”
  • Sign in or create an account
  • Complete payment fields

Buy Tickets

(If you do not recieve your delayed print at home ticket email please call 1-866-340-4450, Option 3)

How do I buy tickets over the phone?

If you prefer to speak with an agent please call 1-866-340-4450, Option 3

How do I buy tickets in person?

Tickets will go on sale at participating Central Alberta Co-op on Saturday June 1 until Tuesday, July 16 or purchase directly at the Tickets Alberta box office located in the lobby of the Centrium and at the gates during Westerner Days from Wednesday July 17 to July 21.

When will tickets be available at Central Alberta Co-op?

From Saturday, June 1 to Tuesday, July 16.

When will Dinosaur Unearthed Tickets be available for purchase online?

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Where can I find information about the concerts at Westerner Days?

All concert information can be found here.

Where do I pick up my Ride All Day (RAD) Wristband?

Once you’ve scanned in at the gate you can pick up your wristband at the Tickets Alberta box office, located in the lobby of the Centrium and at any of the three Tickets Alberta booths located outside the Saputo Kids Corral (Harvest Centre), The Peavey Mart Discovery Barn (Stockmen's Pavillion), The Grub Hub.

Will Westerner Days be canceled because of the weather?

Westerner Days will go on rain or shine, though some events may be affected by inclement weather. Please note compensation with not be offered based on weather.

Can I print my tickets?

RAD passes are now available for print at home, if you did not receieve your print at home tickets please contact the Tickets Alberta box office at 1.866.340.4450, option 3

How do I forward my tickets?

Log in to My Account Manager and follow the instructions to forward ticket to sender.

I lost my print-at-home tickets. What do I do?

You can re-issue your print-at-home tickets by following the steps outlined in this document

Can I exit and re-enter the grounds?

Yes. You will require a stamp from the entrance staff before leaving the grounds. However, this does not include parking and you will need to purchase a new parking pass upon re-entry.

When is Westerner Days?

Westerner Days runs July 17 - 21, 2019 daily from noon to midnight, except on Sunday (July 21) the park will close at 10:30pm instead of midnight.

Are there safety regulations when using North American Midway?


  • GENERAL RIDER POLICY. It is the policy of North American Midway Entertainment that all guests of our midway require a valid admission if occupying any seat on any amusement devise or attraction. Guests must be able to abide by all NAME "SIZE WIZE” height, size, weight and safety requirements as posted as each ride or attraction.
  • PERSONS WITH DISABILITES. North American Midway Entertainment is committed to giving all our guests with disabilities the same opportunity to enjoy and benefit from our services and attractions just as any other guest on our Midway. Midway guests with disabilities are required to be able to place themselves in the devise seat or attraction by themselves or with the help of an attendant or support person. During the course of the ride, the disabled guest must also be able to hold themselves in the ride without assistance and remain properly secured within the restraints and adhere to posted safety requirements for all guests.
  • North American Midway recognizes the Access 2 Program in Canada and provides our Access 2 guests attendants or support persons complimentary admission to our attractions. Accreditation for the Access 2 program is available at NAME Guest Services.
  • GUESTS WITH CASTS Each injury is evaluated individually at North American Midway's Guest Service Centres. We take into consideration the length of injury, doctor restrictions and the area of the injury. Generally, leg casts are not allowed on the majority of our rides or attractions. Ultimately if the guest can firmly hold on and be properly secured those guests can ride most non high speed rides. We also take into consideration safety factors of other guests that the cast may cause injury to guests seated beside them.
  • For newer injuries we do not recommend rides of any significant velocity.

How much are tickets?

Ticket pricing can be found here.

Is Westerner Days wheelchair accessible?

Yes. The site is paved and includes washrooms, ramps and elevators to provide maximum possible accessibility.

Can I rent a wheelchair at Westerner Days?

Unfortunately, wheelchairs cannot be rented.

Does Westerner Park offer accessibility accommodation?

If you require an accessibility accommodation, please call our administration phone number at 403.343.7800, and we will be happy to make arrangements to enhance your fair experience.

Where is Westerner Days Lost & Found?

Notice something missing? All items will be available at the Security Trailer located across from the Bud Barn & Beer Gardens (Holiday Inn Chalet) until midnight each day, at that point all items will be stored in the Westerner Park Donald Administration Office (403-343-7800).

Where can I park my bike?

Bike racks are provided outside the North Gate.

What are the Parking & Pick up/Drop off locations?

Drop off and pick up location are located outside of the North Gate by the Westerner Park Administrative Building.

On Site Parking: $8.00

Off Site Parking: $5.00 – shuttles will be provided.

Are there accommodations near Westerner Park?

Westerner Park recommends a number of accommodations in Red Deer.

View Accommodations

Do I need to bring cash?

Parking gates will accept debit, credit and cash.

Most vendors will only accept cash. There will be ATMs located throughout the fair grounds.

Are there Baby Change Stations available?

There are several change stations throughout the park in both male and female washrooms. There is also a dedicated area in the On the Mark Calm Room in the Heartland Room.

Can I bring my pet?

We love all animals, but please leave your pets at home. Only assisted living animals are permitted on Westerner Park property.

What is your Animal Welfare policy?

Westerner Park is committed to the humane treatment of all animals exhibited. We believe that every animal participating in activities on our property shall at all times be provided proper care and management in the best interest of the animal’s welfare. Westerner Park’s management and staff will not tolerate any cruelty or mistreatment of animals. Any exhibitor found using unethical practices or mistreating an animal will be immediately removed from the premises and reported to the proper authorities.

Are you hiring?

If you're interested, check out our employment opportunities.

Are there gluten free & vegetarian options at the Fair?

Currently the following concessions have options for Gluten Free and Vegan:

  • More information to be supplied soon.